The world of designer fragrances is just not a inexpensive one particular. If you do not wish to spend above $50 to get a single bottle of perfume, you'll find some great scents for very a bit less. And they smell just as excellent. Right here may be the list of best cheap perfumes for women.


Crush for women can be a really well-liked fragrance below $20 per bottle. Curve Crush could be the most common of these scents for women. It's accessible at most discount shops for any quite reasonably priced price. And, to save even more, you'll be able to obtain the physique mist version of Curve Crush for women for half the price tag. Curve has been a well-liked scent for teens to get a extremely long time. If you are a little older, even though, you might find this particular scent a bit juvenile for the tastes. However it is really attractive, nonetheless.

Bath & Physique Works

In case you go to Bath & Body works, you can literally find a nearly endless list of fragrances for a really cost-effective price tag. These most often come in body mist versions, but there are also regular fragrance versions accessible for some scents. Probably the most well-liked of those have been lighter scents such as Sweet Pea and Cucumber Melon. But, there are some heavier and far more seasonal scents released every year for fall and winter. The attractive, deep scent called Dark Amethyst was the most popular for winter 2010-2011. It was new for the season.

Victoria’s Secret

The next place you should go to find the ideal low cost scents for women is of course Victoria’s Secret. Victoria’s Secret body mists are some of one of the most common for young girls and females as well. Love Spell has traditionally been a staple in most women’s fragrance collection. This famous purple physique mist is super sweet and incredibly attractive for women. Recently, the bottle has been redone and re-released with a new look. Another big hit lately will be the line of Pink body mists. Pink with a Splash is one of probably the most well-liked of these. These are light, fun scents that are super sweet. Some even have glitter in them for an added bonus.

Should you do not wish to spend a ton of money for any bottle of perfume, you do not have to. There are quality fragrances accessible in many places for any fraction of the price tag. These all commonly cost you around $20, and some even cost half that. And they smell amazing.